English description

General view of SDR-2000ua


Basic differences of SDR-2000a from old and other models:


-          Receiving section structure has been changed

-          HF preamplifier with switch on/off function

-          Thermostable master-frequency generator

-          Built-in switching unit for 2 channels audio cards

-          Built-in microphone amplifier

-          Amplifier and switching unit for head phones

-          Mode operating indication

-          HF connection for external 144-146 MHz converter

-          USB interface

-          Transmitting section structure has been changed

-          Carrier suppression adjustment system has been included

-          15W transmitter output power

-          Transmitter output power and SWR indication

-         Transmitter output power control from front panel

-          HF generator meter for calibration of receiving section

-          Fan with thermosensor for fan speed control

-          Single PCB design


It is complete set with a power cable and generator for calibration.


Power supply: 13.8 VDC/4.5 A.

HF-output: 15 W


Our device operates with standard SW like POWER SDR. You only need to buy an audiocard with connection cables.


Please contact us for more information.